100,000 km Solo World Circumnavigation

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In December 2006, I quit the trappings of modern life, built a bicycle, and set out from Melbourne, Australia, on a solo expedition to cycle, sail, paddle, and row around the world. I began with little more than an idea, with no real plan of my route, no timeline, no knowledge of the people I would meet or the countries I would pass. The only certainty was that I wanted to have an adventure, and this was the biggest adventure I could think of—a journey around the planet with the eventual goal of one day arriving back at the beginning. So began an odyssey of 100,000 km across five continents, two oceans, and five seas, bound for some of the most remote and diverse environments on Earth.

I’m at about the halfway point, having crossed Australia, the Indonesian Archipelago, Southeast Asia, China, Japan, Russia, Mongolia, and Scandinavia. Ahead is Europe, the Atlantic Ocean, the Americas, and the Pacific Ocean.

It’s been a wild ride—I’ve been robbed, suffered malaria, cycled through the conflict zone in southern Thailand, crossed the Gobi Desert in summer, and endured two Russian winters—but along the way I’ve been invited into the lives of extraordinary people, and had a glimpse of the world that otherwise I could never have known.

This is my story of adventure and discovery around the planet.