A big thanks to the following companies for the outstanding, expedition worthy products they have supplied for this journey.


For the purpose of making a documentary and also producing video blogs, the video equipment I carry has to be both professional grade and ultra-compact. The Canon XA10 camcorder is the perfect choice for this expedition because it is the the most compact professional video camera on the market—allowing manual control and pro-sound capabilities. I’m trilled to have the backing of Canon with this state of the art movie making tool.


Often during the journey I’ve wished to have a backpack so I could dump my bike and venture into the mountains or explore some rugged coastline somewhere. I’ve given much thought to this problem and the need to have a strong pack that’s light and compact enough to be included with my bike touring kit. The solution, a Montane Grand Tour 55. An excellent medium capacity backpack designed to be both light and functional in extreme conditions. 


The superb German engineered and built Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 is unmatched for long distance touring by any other bicycle gearing on the planet. Thanks Rohloff for the support and parts for this valuable bicycle component.

I need a strong mountain bike frame that can be repaired anywhere (steel) and has horizontal dropouts (for the Rohloff Speedhub). The Surly 1×1 answers these requirements. In addition to the frame, I’m using Surly’s extremely tough CroMoly steel front and rear racks. Halfway around the world my Surly equipment has performed brilliantly and survived long distance over a lot of rough terrain. 

Enviro Shop provides solar solutions for all applications. Thanks to their expertise and support for supplying the expedition with this ultimate portable solar power kit. To charge my camera and computer gear I am using a 12 Watt Sunlinq Folding Solar Power Panel supplying a Powertraveller Powergorilla battery pack—this in turn charges my devices. Proven in space and military equipment, Sunlinq portable solar panels are lightweight, flexible, durable and weatherproof. The Powergorilla battery pack works with devices up to 24 volts and has been tested in extreme environments around the world.

In extreme environments the camp stove is survival equipment, so my requirements are simple; the stove has to burn virtually any fuel and be bomb proof. The Primus OmniFuel stove is a superb expedition stove with excellent flame control, made of advanced materials and designed to handle high altitudes and extreme conditions.

Crumpler are providing a range durable, padded bags to store and protect my computer and video equipment, including 8 Million Dollar Home camera bagHaven camera pouchAll and Sundry cable pouch and Fug laptop sleeve.

Winter travel in the northern latitudes, where temperatures are expected to drop to -40°C, will be extremely challenging so it’s essential my clothing is of the highest quality. The Mont Icicle Jacket is perfect for my purpose because of its high-loft down, box walled construction and superior comfort. This is most important because of the necessity of not only traveling but also sleeping in the jacket. Thanks also to Mont for excellent outdoor clothing.

The Julbo Race sunglasses are highly versatile sunnies for cycling, climbing and other outdoor sports with their anti-fog, high contrast Zebra® photochromic lens (darkens or lightens depending on the light’s intensity) and optional optical clip for prescription lens wearers. Thanks to Mont for these great glasses.

Suunto is a leading designer and manufacturer of precision instruments for outdoor sports. For navigation I will be relying on a Suunto Core All Black watch (an award-winning mountain watch loaded with essential expedition functions including: altimeter, barometer and compass) and a Suunto M-3 Global compass (a precision compass balanced for direction taking globally).

Backing up and protecting the audio/visual data on an expedition and successfully being able to share it, is a tricky business. The LaCie Rugged Triple USB 3.0 hard drive is ideal for my purpose because of its superior durability, rain-resistance, compact size and low weight. Thanks LaCie for this crucial equipment.

With my camcorder I am using Lexar Platinum II Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC™) cards. This high-speed card is designed for sustained rapid-fire picture-taking and HD video with SDHC-enabled digital devices.

The RØDE NTG-1 is a lightweight condenser shotgun microphone, designed for professional applications within the film, video, television and production industries. Thanks RØDE for this great mic.

Brooks bicycle saddle. Comfort is an essential factor of a touring bicycle, which is why the saddle is probably the most important component of the bike. This legendary saddle moulds to the rider, giving unparalleled comfort and is really the only choice for long distance touring. I am trilled to be continuing on my journey around the world on a Brooks B17 Titanium saddle.

From sub-zero climates to blistering deserts, maintaining water temperature is crucial. For this reason I am using the excellent, 100% BPA-Free, taste-free CamelBak Better Bottle™ Stainless Insulated water bottles.

For 130 years Akubra has been making its famous fur felt hats. Thanks Akubra for this iconic Australian hat.

Lonely Planet is passionate about understanding our world and about people sharing experiences that enrich everyone’s lives. Thank you LP for some interesting and informative travel reading.

From the coast to the mountains, Keen products are designed to enhance outdoor adventure. Thanks Keen for supplying me with tough, comfortable footwear.

Wilderness Wear quality merino wool thermal underwear and winter socks.

Respro anti-pollution mask. For Respro gear in Australia visit Road Rocket.

The robust Katadyn Pocket water filter made of heavy duty materials, is ideal for long lasting continuous use even under extreme circumstances

Manufacturer of the outstanding Marathon Plus touring tyre. In 10,000 kilometres from Australia to Japan, I had one puncture (in Thailand) — a sharp chunk of metal that no tyre could have stopped.


Special thanks also for support from:

Okka from Helsinki bike shop pyorahuolto.com