In the spirit of exploration and discovery, I have set out from Melbourne, Australia, on a solo expedition to cycle, sail, paddle, and row around the world. During a series of transcontinental and oceanic journeys, I will cycle approximately 70,000 km through six continents and 50 plus countries, and sail and row 22,000 nm across the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.


STAGE ONE: Australia, Oceania, and Eastern Asia (10,000 km cycled & 3,500 nm sailed)

Departing Melbourne, I headed north up the East Coast of Australia, sailed over the top end to Indonesia (via the Coral, Arafura, Timor, Banda, and Flores seas), and cycled through Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, China, and Japan.

STAGE TWO: China, Central Asia, Russia, and Europe (18,000 km)

From Japan, I travelled due north to Sakhalin Island, Russia. I cycled through the Russian Far East to north-east China and across the northern provinces of Heilongjiang, Jilin, and Inner Mongolia. I crossed Mongolia diagonally, through the Gobi Desert and over the steppe to the north-western border. I re-entered Russia through the Altai mountains and completed the journey through the largest country to Finland. Finally, I head north through Finland and Norway to the northern point of Europe.

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In December 2006, I began this journey without any planned route. At that stage, I didn’t even know if I was travelling east or west—that was going to be a pragmatic decision made in time. Regardless, I wrote the following description of a possible route so I could post something on this website. In hindsight, it was a pointless exercise but I will keep it for comparison with the actual journey. How much of this original route I may cross in the future, who knows?


STAGE ONE: Australia, Oceania, & Southeast Asia (10,000 km cycled & 3,500 nm sailed)

Departing Melbourne, I head north up the East Coast of Australia, sail to Papua New Guinea and on to Southeast Asia. Cycle through Southeast Asia to China.

STAGE TWO: China, Kazakhstan, Russia, and Europe (18,000 km)

I head west through China to the Himalayas, across the Tibetan Plateau, and down through the Taklamakan Desert. From northwestern China I cross into Kazakhstan on my way to Russia and Europe. (Siberia, Mongolia, Nepal, India and Pakistan are other possible destinations on this leg.)

STAGE THREE: Africa (18,000 km) and The Atlantic Ocean (4,000 nm)

Entering Morocco, and pedalling through the Sahara to Senegal then east to Kenya and down through Tanzania, Madagascar, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, to Cape of Good Hope, South Africa. Then I sail across the Atlantic to South America.

STAGE FOUR: The Americas (25,000 km)

From wherever I land on the east coast the South America I pedal south to Tierra del Fuego before beginning the long road north, follow the line of the Andes through Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia. I then pick my way through Central America, Mexico, the USA and western Canada to Alaska.

STAGE FIVE: The Pacific Ocean (14,000 plus nm) and Australia (11,000 km)

The home run takes me back south, along the western seaboard, in search of a yacht for the passage home to Australia across the Pacific, via French Polynesia, the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea. Finally, I complete the circuit of Australia, counter clockwise, back to Melbourne.