#11 10 January 2008—12 February 2008 ‘You have only to see what you see and feel what you feel.’ —Mineko Iwasaki I had a fundamental decision to make. One that had been rolling around in my head since day one, and I knew I would have to face up to it in the next year: east […]



#10 26 November 2007—7 January 2008 One of my final glimpses of Vietnam was of a motorcycle loaded sky-high with caged chickens, hitting the skids and coming to grief on hwy 1A. Considering my experience there, a road accident full of chickens seemed an unsurprising and appropriate image to depart with. Needless to say, the […]

Laos & Vietnam


#9 3 November 2007—25 November 2007 BACK INTO THAILAND Contrary to information I had received in Bangkok from the Laos embassy, I discovered that visas aren’t in fact available on entry at the Cambodia-Laos border on the Mekong River, which had supposedly been recently upgraded to International Status. This meant I had to make a […]

Thailand & Cambodia


#8 9 October 2007—2 November 2007 ‘A person who thinks all the time has nothing to think about except thought.’ —Alan Watts BANGKOK In Southeast Asia all roads lead to Bangkok, and if you can see through the smog you’ll see that even in Thailand’s capital city the Thai live by their maxim ‘chai yen’ […]



#6 30 June 2007—5 September 2007 Not all straight sailing through Indonesia The day after I had arrived in Darwin was Northern Territory Independence Day, July 1. To celebrate, and because the N.T. is in fact a Territory as opposed to a state, it’s legal for any adult to buy and use fireworks for the […]