Mongolia to Russia Update


Greetings from Stockholm, Sweden. Regrettably, seasons have passed since my last blog and the early snows of the impending northern winter began to dust the woodlands of central Russia weeks ago. Admittedly, I’m a pretty lazy writer but this prolonged writing hiatus hasn’t been due to idleness. Well, not entirely. Since departing China in July, I’ve cycled […]

Bound for Mainland Russia


About a third of the way up Sakhalin island the coastal road veers inland. Traffic reduces to the occasional Japanese 4×4 burning passed or Lada Nivas struggling almost as much as me on the bumpy road, though more regularly I’m disturbed by the thunderous, clanking steel racket of dumpsters and transporters hauling machinery and parts […]

Setting Out


When I arrived in Japan in January ’08 after the long cycle through South East Asia and China, it felt like being on R&R; I could relate to people on level ground, no longer a freak-show and I could let my guard down. Now I awaken to new cultures, face new challenges. The holiday is […]

Sayonara Nihon!


Greetings from the Russian Far East! I’m set to begin the second stage of my journey, albeit later than I had intended because I’ve struggled to meet my own deadline with the complicated preparations for this leg pushing my start date deeper into winter and presenting a greater challenge to plan for. I intended to […]