Tsunami Boats


Five days after the March 11 tsunami I visited the south-east coast of Hokkaido to see the results. I recently got around to processing the film from that trip, which reveals the damage sustained at one tiny fishing port. The boats were out of the water during the winter, when the water blasted through the inlet […]



The bicycle touring experience is determined by a jagged, uninterrupted path, as opposed to an itinerary. That’s really all there is to it — a scratch in the terrain, a maze through a city, a line on a map



#11 10 January 2008—12 February 2008 ‘You have only to see what you see and feel what you feel.’ —Mineko Iwasaki I had a fundamental decision to make. One that had been rolling around in my head since day one, and I knew I would have to face up to it in the next year: east […]