Tsunami Boats


Five days after the March 11 tsunami I visited the south-east coast of Hokkaido to see the results. I recently got around to processing the film from that trip, which reveals the damage sustained at one tiny fishing port. The boats were out of the water during the winter. The water blasted through the inlet and […]

Earthquake, March 11


The magnitude of this disaster leaves me at a loss for words. The pictures speak for themselves. A big earthquake in Japan is big by world standards and this was the biggest. I live in a coastal town not dissimilar to those crunched by the tsunami and I am horrified watching the televised images just like everyone else

Packing a Luxury


What’s your luxury item? That one thing you needn’t carry that takes up space and adds weight but you still do because you’d sooner not live without it. Even ultra lightweight travellers usually pack at least one. A book (made of paper), a memento from home, a photograph, a hackie sack, a chess set—pretty standard things, but i’ve seen some surprising stuff pulled from a rucksack

V for Victory


The city pictures uploaded to my Flickr page until now, were all taken in Sapporo, capital of Hokkaido, population 1.9 million. Unfortunately, that’s about all I can post at the moment, but I have a tupperware container in the fridge full of exposed film yet to be processed, featuring Kobe, Osaka and Kyoto as well