Norway the end & the Atlantic


To update my whereabouts, I’ve been in London for four months. It’s still a shock after the exceptional beauty and space of Finnmark, but life goes on. Though I didn’t post much during 2014, I was writing, or at least trying to tap out a first draft manuscript of this story, while figuring out how […]

Through Central Russia. Part 1/3


I passed Mongolian immigration and climbed the mud hill, entering Siberia for the second time. I feared it was too early to arrive at Russian immigration because my grounds for being in the country were not exactly legit, so I dismounted Donkey and lit my stove for a brew to feed some warmth through my […]

Winner jury award for best film Reto DocsDF 2013


I arrived back in Norway from Mexico last week. DocsDF, Festival Internacional de Cine Documental de la Ciudad de México was awesome, and I got to know some good people presenting films, pitching their projects, and generally making life sacrifices to follow their passion for documentary filmmaking. It was an intense experience participating in the documentary challenge, […]

From Norway to Mexico


May 28 I arrived at Nordkapp, Norway (generally and falsely claimed to be the northern point of Europe) and since then I haven’t gotten far. After Nordkapp, I caught the boat from Honningsvåg to Hammerfest, to take an alternative route back to Alta. However, a few hours in Hammerfest led to a chain of encounters and […]